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Adding logo to Hollywood movie clip. Is this allow?


I bookmarked one gig which offers something like this title but his title is different. I don’t want he gets in trouble because of me.
When i first saw it few months ago i thought i should do the same but i know-ish that it’s against the TOS and the gig will be down in few days.
Gig is still running and he is doing a very good job. Congratulation to him of course.
:baby::angry: don’t feel that.

I think as long as he says (if he says) that “all rights belong to their respective owners” it should be fine?


No he won’t be fine by saying this. You cannot say to disregard a copyright violation and that makes it ok.


Thanks. I don’t know why these kind of gig is still running.


It’s sort of odd to say all rights belong to their owners but he is not obeying what he stated. He is infringing on their rights.


I goofed. :blush: 20char


:slight_smile: Indeed.
I always think from other people’s perspectives and in this case this is what i thought so i asked which clearly is wrong.