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Adding more available languages on Fivver

On the profile settings you can choose which language(s) you are able to communicate with other Fiverr Sellers and Buyers BUT there aren’t many languages available. Please add Greek as a language because there is a considerable number of Greek users on this website.And it would be really awesome If this would be done with almost every official language there is. Some buyers want only to communicate with sellers that speak the same language with them. Thank you and hope my request becomes a reality.

When I signed up here, I could not add Hungarian as my language. I tried again about one month ago and still could not add it (they did not have it on the list). But about a few days ago I tried again, and I found out now they have Hungarian on the list. So perhaps you can try again. Go to your setting and find the language you wish to add. PS: I think you can find Greek now on the list.