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Adding more languages to the speak/I can communicate in and character support

As most of my gigs are translations between Swedish and English I find it a bit irritating that Fiverr does not allow you to show that you do speak and understand both languages. Also when writing in Swedish for my Swedish customers the special characters included in the Swedish alphabet does not work. I’d like more languages added to the speak/ I can communicate in scrollbar and character support for more languages, not just the most used languages as it is now.

I just encountered the same thing! It looks rather silly, that now the profile says I can only communicate in English, while in the text I mention Finnish and Swedish…

But, it was curious to see how short the language list actually was, a lot bigger languages were missing as well. Couldn’t find any explanation to this decision while searching the help pages. Maybe they are afraid people will start demanding customer service in more languages than they offer :stuck_out_tongue: Which would be strange, as couldn’t fiverr employees buy fiverr gigs to help translating? Or is it against their policies, who knows.

And the profile text is so short (300 characters) that it easily fills up with just describing language skills.