Adding multiple stock photo extras to open order


Hey guys!
I have a technical question as I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else…
I have an open order with one of my clients and now they would like to purchase 5 stock photos (via Fiverrs stock image extra), but I can’t figure out how to add it to the order.

Have anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance!


I guess nobody dealt with that before… :slight_smile: Well, it seems I will have to contact CS.


Good luck with it! :sunny:


Thanks. :smiley: Let’s see what they say about it.


Well, I didn’t get good news. Their answer: “Unfortunately, you cannot offer the option of a Stock Photo to your buyer with active order. The Stock Image Extra has to be included in the initial placement of the order.” :confused: So I guess the only option is to offer my client a new order with included 4 stock photos and the initial price of $10 for the service, then I buy 1 photo on my own on iStock directly, which costs me more of course and I don’t earn that 25%… Or is there any other idea?


Thanks for coming back - I’m sure this’ll be useful for other users to know about. :sunny:

I’d go for this option?


Yeah, that’s probably the only option actually. But I’m having a problem with that too. As I can’t send a custom offer with 5 included stock photos… So I don’t know, I don’t want to lower my prices directly on my gig from $15 to $10 just to get this client through…