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Adding My Work To The Portfolio

Hi, I do radio ads, just wanted to see how I can add a customers completed ad to my portfolio or to the gig, so new customers can hear some of my work. I know how to add photo’s. Don’t know how to add audio.

Thank You!

Hi wesdog,

You can combine the audio with a still image as madmoo said and then upload it to Youtube. I think Fiverr allows you to link to Youtube.

// E.H.Wimstedts

You can always share mp3’s with clients, when they ask for them. Just make sure they’re not large files, not everyone has a fast internet connection.

Although audio examples would be a great addition to portfolios, you have to do as I did and make it a video in order for it to show. Also remember, it has to do with the buyer’s preference to let you. They have the power to let it show in your portfolio so you may create many of these but only some of the buyers rate and some of the buyers allow portfolio. Tough to be consistent with but I’d recommend doing it just for the buyers who order your extras… :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Exactly what you said…