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Adding or Transferring Funds

Is there a way to add funds or transfer funds from our bank account into our fivver account that is linked to payoneer if we haven’t yet gotten any buyers, but would like to purchase gigs from other sellers? Is payoneer directly linked to our bank account when we originally signed up? I can’t seem to locate features about this. thank you. i appreciate the feedback

I think those questions would be best answered by Payoneer. Also, I think you’re asking to place money into your fiverr account to avoid the .50 charge? The only ways you can get monies into your fiverr account is either through funds clearing on sales you’ve had. OR, if you purchased a gig on fiverr and there was a cancellation of that gig.

That’s really the only ways.


Hey thanks @jwaynevo and @kjblynx. I figured it out, that I can just purchase any gigs with my visa card regardless of if I have sold any gigs myself or not. I was assuming I couldn’t buy if I hadn’t sold first.