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Adding Screenshots To Gig Page

On many popular gigs, especially the art ones, I see a lot of screenshots of the finished work posted onto the gig page. How is this done? Does the buyer have to do it, or does the seller? (I have a suspicion that it’s the seller - On programming gigs, I see a lot of screenshots of programs w/ code in debug mode.) I haven’t found any option to upload media when the sale is complete.

How do they do it??

Thanks in advance!!

You can do that by activating your portfolio. Once when it’s activated it will show up in your portfolio after delivery unless the buyer declines.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I checked out the support pages, and they say to check the box that says “Live Portfolio.” However this is already checked (and have been checked) and I still don’t know how to upload the image. I can’t find it anywhere in my sales discussions. Am I looking in the wrong place?

I meant my orders pages. I don’t see anything. I tried Ctrl+F “portfolio,” “live,” etc. but nothing turns up.

You will have to wait. This only works when you deliver an order since the buyer get the opportunity to display the work on your Fiverr portfolio.

You can add about 3 images to your gig gallery which you already did. You can also add a portfolio link to your gig description. Please note only these links are approved: