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Adding thumbnails from completed jobs to gallery


I noticed some time ago that the thumbnail display on Fiverr is not working correctly. What I mean by this is that the suggested dimensions of 550 x 370 px (ratio 1: 1,486, green pattern) are disregarded in the browser view and in the app itself. I made a little checker pattern, uploaded it to one of my gigs and took screenshots on my devices to compare the original pattern to the images that are shown on desktop and in the app.

On desktop (tested in the Chrome browser) the image is squeezed (red area). Nothing is cut off, but the image appears distorted.
In the app itself, the thumbnail is cropped on all sides (blue pattern). Anything outside the blue area is not displayed.
I find it extremely difficult to create optimal pictures for the gigs here if you have to deal with such problems. Either you optimize the images for a platform and you live with the fact that important or aesthetic details are cut off or you don’t use the space on the sides and have far too little space for an optimal display of the gig (on mobile) and unsightly frames on the desktop view.

Why is something like this done at all? I know it is difficult to use desktop and mobile ads equally well with only one image size, but it is not displayed correctly on either platform! Another possibility would be to give us sellers the opportunity to upload a second version, one for desktop and one for the app.

Recommended Ratio

Desktop view

App view

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