Adding Video - Fact or Fiction (Opinion poll)


I have heard a lot about adding video to gig, that it boost sales and increases revenue.

To those who have uploaded video to their gigs, how true is this?

To those who have not added video to their gigs, is it slowing down your sales?


I have not added a video to any of my gigs.
From a buying perspective, I don’t watch videos or choose those with videos specifically unless the gig is about creating videos or graphics.


Nice to hear from buyer’s viewpoint. @eoinfinnegan Thanks for stopping by


I uploaded a few videos in the past, and it didn’t make any substantial difference I believe. Maybe there weren’t good videos (they weren’t awful, either).


I have videos on all of my gigs. I am a Pro seller, so average price of my gigs is around $150. Since the beginning of July, I have made around 30 sales, not sure how many I would have without videos. I do notice that not many other Pro sellers in my category have videos, and they have not made a huge number of sales.


I think I would just add a video anyway.


Yeah. Go ahead.:joy::joy::joy:


Why the laughter? Or you just did to get the Emoji badge


Hi boss. No laughter at all. I also believe videos boosts the number of sales. Am also planning on how I can add a video. :grinning:


today i also ad videos in my gig
i am not sure it is good or bad


If a video is well done, it can attract buyers, sure.

If it’s poorly done, though, it will only convince buyers to quickly click away from your gig and choose someone else.