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Adding video to gig with mobile phone not working


I just did a screen recording to illustrate my gig. I wanted to add a video but the upload page is not loading. Anybody experiencing this?


Welcome to Fiverr and we are glad you are here. Have you tried it again since you initally tried to upload? Sometimes there are small gliches with the systems and videos. IF you still can’t get it to work, what I suggest is uploading the video from a computer or contacting Customer Support for more assistance. Good luck with your gig(s)


Thanks For your warm reply



what kind of phone are you using? using safari on my mac I have had issues, but still managed to get videos uploaded.

every different browser on many phone or computer systems might have a different result.

Never tried to upload a video to a gig on my iphone, but I surf the site and do messaging on it with no issues.