Addition of Review


Hi guys. Please, does anyone know a way for a buyer to give a review after the order has been automatically marked as complete? I have contacted CS but I don’t know how long it will take to get a response.
Thanks in advance.


Go to

  • Buying
  • Manage Order
  • Awaiting My Review


Onece the files delivered a notification mail will be sent to buyers mail ID … in that mail there is link to review


Thanks very much guys. I will inform the buyer.


In addition to this, can’t Fiverr let us do revisions to our reviews or let us reply again to the review?

For example, I’m having a stressful experience with a PBN gig. It clearly states in his gig that the links are do follow and permanent. After 5 months, I checked again the links, and some of my anchor texts do not have any hyperlinks anymore. I already asked the seller about this and now he’s saying that it has already passed 5 months.

If he won’t edit it, I would like to change my review of him. :angry:


Five months is actually a very long time but if you have any concern, report to CS.


Actually the links should stay on their site permanently since it’s stated in the gig. I don’t think you’d gain much if a link is just temporary.

Reported it already but all they can do is remove my good feedback. I couldn’t even warn or make a new review that the link was removed.


There’s no provision on Fiverr for gigs that take longer than 30 days to complete, never mind anything that’s permanent. How ‘permanent’ is defined in this day and age is an interesting thought to debate as well to be honest.

Your seller shouldn’t be providing a service like this, but I doubt you’ll be able to change a review from 5 months ago.


Ah no. What I meant was the product or service offered, not the actual time for a gig to complete. The product/service offered was for permanent links however the links promised were only good for 4 to 5 months. :slight_smile:

Yup, support did tell me that I can only add a review within a month of the completed gig. I just think that it’s better to make revisions just in case something changed after a few days/weeks/months. :smile:


That’s what @offlinehelpers meant, too. The kind of service that you describe is not allowed on Fiverr. Nothing that takes more than 30 days is allowed, permanent links included. If you see that a seller offers that kind of service, you can report them to Customer Support.


Oh Ok, my bad. Hmm, if so, I’ve been doing this wrongly. :frowning:

Thanks guys for the FYI.