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Additional Cancellation Feature Request


i have read that mutual cancellations also affect a sellers rating. While this might be okay in most cases, this may be an issue for some fiverr sellers, because sometimes it would make more sense to have a different type of cancellation feature.

Let me explain, I sell a gig where I submit news to specific services. My success rate is 100% and I never had to cancel an order because I could not deliver or because someone was unhappy. The only reason why I cancel gigs is because the buyer did not read my description.

Examples: I sell press release submissions to google news - not more, not less. However, I receive orders where people want me to make posts to their Google+ profile, to do SEO for their site, to hire me as facebook page manager… and so on. I never said I do things like this and I always wonder how people could get the idea that I offer such services. People come to me and ask me to do the most weird things when ordering my press release gig and then I am forced to cancel the order because there is nothing I can do. I mean if I say I sell milk and milk only and people should contact me before they place an order, I expect them to want milk…

Now that I know that mutual cancellations also affect a sellers ratings or even listings, I think it would make more sense to have a cancellation option like “Wrong Expectations” or “Buyer did not understand the deal” or simply “Invalid Order”, as I believe that it would be more fair to sellers who simply cannot do anything about buyers ordering something completely different. In the end as it is now, I might get negative flags just because people don’t know what they are buying, and I explain my gig extremely well.

Maybe someone in charge could consider offering something like this as it would be very useful. Sure, I might be an exception but honestly I don’tr understand how people can expect that they can hire me for their facebook page or google plus page if I offer press release submissions to google news only…

Thanks for your time reading this :slight_smile:

In that case it’s fine :slight_smile: I just looked up the forum search for cancellations and found many posts about it affecting the sellers rating, but if its not the case its all fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

Reply to @kjblynx: The time limit to accept a mutual cancellation request has changed to 2 days.

One issue is that buyers often just let the time run out when they ordered the wrong gig by accident etc.

Reply to @kjblynx:

hmmm, how it doesn’t affect?i am a newbie, one of my buyer ordered me a logo, which i am not offering (cartoonish type), so i asked for cancellation and he accept it on the second day, i have 4 other sales, and my analytic page stating 20% of cancellation rate

Reply to @designer_17: That 20% graphic includes all cancellations, mutual or otherwise. But mutual cancellations are not detrimental to your rating. That graphic is for your information only.

Reply to @ricksper:

thanks for informing