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Additional Gigs on Active Orders


I LOVE the new “Offer Additional Services on an Active Order” option. This is going to make the custom ordering process so much easier, better, and streamlined. Great implementation Fiverr!

We all know that upgrading can be a challenge for some customers…

In the past, I’ve dealt with customers who selected the wrong “extra” option or did not want to pay the full price so they would simple select the $5 gig, etc…

This now allows us to directly invoice the client based on the value of the gig. #Genius

Looking for feedback. Anybody else agree or disagree?




This sounds awesome, but I’m not seeing this feature. Can you tell me where you can initiate the action… order page, custom quote, or is this user initiated?


It seems to have disappeared on my end… Has it also disappeared for you?

It was only live for around an hour. :expressionless:


I didn’t get to see it. It sounds great. Hope it comes back and stays.


I think the ability to add additional extras on an active order is interesting, but wasn’t set up to best advantage for buyer or seller. I’m not entirely sure since the new feature appeared on my open order for a few minutes but then disappeared so I only got to see it for a short time.

Sellers have long been asking Fiverr to make it possible for buyers to add extras after ordering without messing up the order. That would have made it so that a buyer could realize they wish they had bought a whatsit to go with their widget, go re-open the order and add a whatsit, and pay for their whatsit addition. Also that should have added the appropriate amount of time listed on the whatsit extra to be added to the order. That would be a very helpful change for buyers and sellers.

This new option to off custom extras to an active order could be used by the seller to add extras for the buyer which is still nice. From what I could see, though, it could also be used by a seller to spam the buyer with offers for extras or use it to make a buyer think they had to buy the added offer just to get their original gig done.


Reply to @mrproofreading: Looks like someone was playing around on the Production server again.


Might be in beta…

Still very exciting to know that Fiverr is working on this!

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