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Additional Icons and Delivery

Who draws the icons? If you add a choice of the number of additional icons in the package. When buying a package, if the customer indicates 20 icons, then the terms will not change. and delivery stay 1 day. But logically, if you make more icons, it will take more time. add custom “Add Gig Extra”? How to be?

thanks in advance

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Custom gig extras, probably yes. You could also add a line to your description or an FAQ that you’re willing to discuss custom orders for specific numbers.

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Probably I will.
Because since September 2020, not a single order …
and on other exchanges everything is ok.
and already filled in “gig” in detail. it is necessary to make the niche narrower.

I saw that, but you just pointed out that ‘extra orders’ doesn’t work.

This is filled in, yes, but it’s not detailed, and it’s not clear.

Package 3 comes with a discount (icon - 4 dollars). and “extra gig” is irrelevant, it turns out a 5 dollars icon.

if 3 point could be skipped, it would solve my problem …
if need 2, 4 or 5 icons, then the price is $ 5 per icon,
and if 6 or more, then 4 dollars :wink:
such a problem in similar gigs

Use the two custom gig extra options. Not the default.

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