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Additional order option for sellers

I think many sellers faced cancellation for the following reasons -

  1. Buyer purchased basic package but has requirement of standard or premium package and the buyer isn’t interested to purchase additional gig for completion of his task.

  2. Buyer placed order directly (without any prior contact with the seller) for a task which seller can’t complete

To avoid cancellation Fiverr should introduce the following feature -

A seller will have 2 options for receiving orders.

a) Direct order - customer may place order to the seller without any prior communication

b) Order after approval from seller -
Under this system buyer won’t be able to place any order directly. Instead of “order now” button Fiverr will display a button “Contact seller for further discussion and custom offer”. The buyer will contact the seller and after discussion seller will send a custom offer to the buyer. Buyer will only be able to place order accepting the custom offer. It will work as approval from seller that he/she wants to work with the buyer.

Seller will have the option to choose that he wants to receive order directly for a gig or sell only custom offer.

Many seller wrote in the gig description “Please contact me before ordering” but still there are buyers who ignores it and places orders directly.

I think this small feature will decrease a lot of unwanted cancellation.


Yes, will make things better for sellers!


Majority of buyers will either:

  1. Skip you & go to another seller
  2. Talk to you endlessly & never order, making you :rage: for wasting your time

You’d probably be here wondering why you’re not getting orders, then all the newbies will tell you to contact CS. :woman_facepalming:


@gina_riley2 is a top buyer on Fiver, I respect her opinions. :star_struck:


@gina_riley2 is correct. Buyers will skip you and place orders with sellers who are open for business without making them wait.

Or it will invite even more people to chat with you without ever placing an order.


What they said :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:

But if you’re having issues, you could try a version of what @melissaharlowvo does with her buyer requirements - appropriate to your gigs, obvs:

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Did a similar suggestion about this one. Changing the way on receiving orders

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You could have just joined the discussion in Changing the way on receiving orders instead of making a new thread.

It’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to create duplicate threads.

Also, a common 3rd reason for cancellations is a buyer not providing requirements, by entering irrelevant text in requirement boxes.

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