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Additional order

so i ordered a sketch from a tshirt designer
he charges $5 for a sketch
after he delivered the sketch i didnt know how to order additional options which were color,license,etc
so i thought i had to click “deliver” then order additional options but i don’t see anything now.
now i only have the sketch without color+license
what can i do?

You could try sending a message to the seller, mentioning you would like these additional services. They could then potentially send you a custom offer to do the rest without having to pay for a new sketch. They might not say yes, but it’s worth a try.


No worries, actually additional orders are given before the order is placed.

You can always click it on the order page, if there is enough options in the gig, otherwise, just drop a message for the seller.

I hope it solves the matter

thank you my friend
have a nice day

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