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Additional work which is not scope of work

Hello all,

Here I came for asking is there any privileges for seller when your buyer demanding additional work in your current order which not scope of work?

That time you dined to do additional work or explain him to this is additional work we do in another order or charges extra for this but buyer not accept the offer and don’t pay you for an extra work and straight a way warn you that finish the with additional work or cancel the order?

from many days hard work according to buyer’s requirements and when deliver with original files demanding additional work or cancel the order?

at this time what’s the safer side for seller?
is there any privilege for safer side for seller?

i know fiverr support team but they always in favor of buyer not with the seller.

kindly advise.

He can’t cancel unless you agree to it, or you don’t include everything in your original description on the gig.

when already delivered original files and open a dispute for cancel the order and your timeline is crossed then?

Refuse to cancel if you choose not to cancel. Or agree to cancel. It’s your choice.

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but when your timeline is crossed and you see the late delivery at that time buyer having rights to cancel the order.

Yes… he can cancel if you didn’t deliver anything in time.

but already deliver and demanding additional work which is not scope of work.
open a dispute and cancel the order and you decline the request okay.

meanwhile in this process (decline the request) your timeline crossed the and showing the late
and buyer having power to cancel straight away

still fiverr support team didn’t answer from last 3 days what should I do?

Why does it show late if you delivered it?

You’ve delivered the work as per the gig/custom offer. The buyer is now abusing the revision button by asking for additional work. Here’s what the TOS has to say about that:

“Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.”

Quote that to your buyer - and to CS if you choose to contact them about this. They often need reminding.

Be prepared to get a negative review, but if that happens, respond to it - calmly! - by describing the buyer’s breach of TOS.

Good luck!

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So you have been struggling with this for 3 days?

Either agree to cancel it or refuse to cancel it. But respond.


I would definitely make sure that you have your own terms in your gig description. Especially if you offer gigs with different services or grades of services. What customers like to do is choose the cheapest gig (which is not the correct gig) and then want extras. Always get a full description of what the customers wants you to do. If they have chosen the incorrect gig, you need to short that out beforehand.

If the buyer makes you do all that work, and then tells you that you must do more otherwise they are going to cancel the order, contact customer support and send them the entire story, with screenshots of all communications.

I don’t think a customer can just cancel an order, without your permission.

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Customer support cannot help with this. It’s up to you to solve it. If the additional work is a revision and you offered revisions then you should do it.

from last 3 days I decline the cancellation request more than 100 times.

I already contact customer support team and tell them full story behind this but they are not responding.

already made revision 6 times (in gig 2 times mentions)

I’m frustrate with this buyer from mind and can’t focus on other requirements or work.

and it’s good amount of work for me in this situation and i cannot refused my earning because work for 3 days day and night almost spend 10 hours a day. how can I let it go my earning because i do hard work.

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I refused a cancellation every day multiple times for a month one time. You are just starting so if you are determined keep going, or give up and agree to cancel it’s your choice.

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OMG! For one month?! I never thought that this was possible. What happens if you do that? The CS will interfer or they just do that in case you send them a request? I’m just curious because this never happened to me.

He gave up and the order completed in my case.

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Basically, I explain to the buyer, you need to pay extra for this, And every time they agree with me. I didn’t face any hard buyers who want that free.