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Adds and Popups in Fiverr? And keywords are highlighted as well


Adds and Popups in Fiverr? And keywords are highlighted as well…

Hi, my Fiverr are popping up ads and the keywords are highlighted, what is happening? Is this a new thing or is this just abnormal?

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it sounds like you have adware installed on your computer from a site or sites you visited. This is not from fiverr. Install malwarebytes and run it and see what it picks up


We’ve reinstalled Googlde Chromes and it’s return to normal now… Is Malwarebytes legit and safe? Thanks…


@viser1000 Just a suggestion: if you signed into anything with a password while you think you had that malware on your machine, you might want to change them. Sometimes when you get a load of crud software, some of them will also snag passwords even if they don’t blatantly phish for them.


@markp, I’ve doenloaded the Malwarebytes, the comments look good, I hope this will help my computer…

@celticmoon - I will get to this as soon as I finish initial cleanups, thank you very much for the suggestions.


@markp, I’ve downloaded the free version, is it useful as it is or would you recommend that I purchase the full version. I am currently using Symantec antivirus, would it conflict with that? thanks…


you do not need the full version. The free version is good enough. It should not conflict with symantec and depending on what type of adware this is, and it is adware, it probably installed through a plugin or an add on, depending on what browser you are using and you may need to disable it through your browser add on’s or plugins as well


Hey cool, this did well, thanks!