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Adjustments to custom gig extras not saving

Howdy folks. So I just made my Fiverr today, but I made a mistake on my gig extras with the custom field. Now, whatever changes I try to make to the custom field just revert back to what it was previously when I hit save. The other fields (the ones created by Fiverr) are able to be saved effectively, but not the custom ones.


I did fill out a ticket by the way. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they solved it in some way.

Try to clean cache files of your browser and then edit your gig. Maybe this will help.

I sent a ticket a while ago, did what was suggested (including the clear cache, etc. routine), it didn’t work, so I re-opened the ticket. They said they are investigating but so far, the ticket is still open.

I decided to try a “workaround” by including those custom extras in the gig because most people want them and obviously also raised the price. However, I think I haven’t gotten an order for that gig ever since, so you might not want to try that workaround … YMMV

I had tried to edit my extras on my best selling gig and ended up with only 3 of them showing no matter what I did. I couldn’t get the gig to save at all for a couple of hours and when it finally did, I ended up with 3. So that gig will stay that way forever. I almost lost it completely…

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