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Adobe Photoshop Skill Test Bug

I was taking the adobe photoshop skill test. I am still on the first question, and then fiverr says there’s a connection error whereas my wifi is completely fine. Then, it says not to close the window, and I did not. Suddenly, the pop-out window closed without me touching anything!! It redirected to my profile saying that I closed the window, and it resulted to me failing the test. What can I do with this??

The test end is notoriously rubbish and buggy. Fiverr says I’ve failed tests I’ve never even clicked on! I don’t have too much of a hard time believing what you said even if it sounds so out of the ordinary.

If you need to pass that test to publish a gig contact CS forwarding them this error, but if you don’t, forget about it. Fiverr’s tests aren’t good at gauging skills anyway and not a single buyer cares about them.

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I had exactly the same scatty thing with the English Test they forced on me when trying to find the best place for a Gig. I got all the way to the end and tried to submit. It did nothing and window closed when I wasn’t even in the room, telling me I cheated by leaving.

Bugger, em, find something worthwhile to do as most of their tests are an insult anyway, esp when they work so poorly and call you a failure for their failure (par for the course it seems here).