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        • I will creat my new gig account. Bt im nt sure is that ar perfect, anyone some give me new where is my mistake in my gig

*** :thinking::thinking::innocent:

Well, you could start by not stealing content from people, for one.


Can you do my description to see did someone took it?

In fact can you make GIG for this?

Or do you already have GIG for this :smiley: :smiley:

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I let my friend write a description so i dosen’t know where he wrote it from. I just gave it.
But thanx for suggestion i will write a new description. :innocent: :grinning:

Please see:

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Can you see my gig or Titel ?
and can you plz told me is that perfect/good?

check plz

She wasn’t talking to you, man. I called you out for plagiarizing your work and you somehow think that puts you in a good position to market yourself?

If you blindly put up something “a friend” gave you (that’s against the TOS, by the way, you have to write your own gig description) to represent yourself to the entire marketplace here, what does that say about your professional attitude towards work?

@marinapomorac sure thing - I’ll PM you screenshots.


It’s not my job to do your work for you.


Yes. I can understand properly. Thanks for suggestion. I likes your advice. Can you please check my description. Now I only describe the true fact in my life.
I hope now there is no problem! :grinning: