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Ads on sellers profile?

Youtube has ads, Facebook has ads, a lot of other platforms where entrepreneurs hang out has ads. I know ads are an important source of income for a lot of youtubers for example.

I would like to know your thoughts on having ads popping up on ones profile when someone clicks there. Maybe it´s something that Fiverr should implement? It certainly would be nice as a seller to get some extra cash through this.
To elaborate: A buyer clicks on your profile - A companies ad pops up - The company pays you for the exposure.
I really don’t think this would bother buyers, since ads are popping up a lot on most sites these days.


People hate ads. Besides this, it would not be possible to implement. If I saw an ad for a product on a seller profile page, I’d assume they were affiliated with the brand in question. This would cause problems.

Also, Fiverr aleady puts ads for other peoples gigs on your profile page. You don’t earn a penny in commission from that. In this case, you wouldn’t if Fiverr did decide to run ads on your profile.


I personally think that pop up advertisements are not very trusted by majority of the people as they can be generated by security holes in browser (unless they are from a verified and trust-able source who usually do not require these kind of advertisement methods). It gives an image of a less secure web page to a visitor so ultimately it can affect the percentage of people trusting the platform and using their payment methods.

Thanks for sharing your views on this!

We already have to endure other sellers’ gigs being displayed at the bottom of the page when a prospective buyer takes a peek :eyes: at out gigs. Nope, nope to pop up adds!