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Ads systems on Fiverr


Why Fiverr don’t create any ads systems like the all freelance sites like “freelancer, and peopleperhour”? to help all sellers the old and new to create a clean competitive environment, because I have seen more new sellers in logo design section and another sections their accounts from October and November 2018 and gets the first page, and for me my account from 2015 and I making hard work every day to get 1 order. Is this fair? Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


They had promoted gigs in place. Didn’t work out, so they stopped offering it.


I mean the paid ads like the another freelance sites, Now I’m work on peopleperhour and I have investing every month $50 for ads and get more work


This is an honest question - if PPH gets you that much work, why not just keeping investing in it and working there? Why bother with Fiverr if something else works great for you?

I’m a big fan of diversification, so I do understand the concept of using more than one site to stay on top of your game. I just see a lot of posts where people compare Fiverr to something else that is “great” when the reality is often that the other site isn’t yielding what they need. I wonder what your reasons are.


I’m sorry that in three years you have only had one order on fiverr but I’m glad you have another site you like better that you can work on. Different sites work best for different people.


I mean get 1 order every 10 days here on Fiverr, and Fiverr is my favorite site but I suggest to create a paid ads system


Why is Fiverr your favorite if you get so few orders? I really don’t understand. When I get fewer orders it’s usually either a temporary lull or I need to fix something. If I had a constant low order issue and I really needed the money, the site that happened on wouldn’t be my favorite. (Just trying to understand.) I would prefer not to compete with people who could pay $50 a month to do better on the site, when I can do all right on it and only pay commission. A higher commission for slight promotion might work.


If fiverr let people pay $50 so people would see their gigs you wouldn’t be the only one. Hundreds of people in your category would do that too. You are in a very competitive category. It might be better to lower your price to get more reviews. Buyers look at how many reviews sellers have. Once you have more, you could raise your prices again.


Every platform has it’s own rules and strategy. If you are getting more work on People Per Hour, then you should stick with that. And if you love to work with Fiverr then you have to play by their rules.


promoting gigs by paying isn’t fair at all. So the most “rich” gigs would always have the best placement.

the best is still meritocracy. The best placement should be given to the best gig. This is fair