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AdSense earning

Dear all,

I’m the new here a, I do the researching on net so I see many way to increase traffic website and can earn money, but now I’m interested in 1 service like link below
So anyone have experience with that service? Surely we can get 1000 view and $10-$30 daily?

Please reply me when you get free and could you please share any method can earn up with our website?


This is how we very poorly “social proof” a link, ladies and gentlemen. Note the friendly start, the awkward transition to a link then $$$ chat with reasonable expectations–cunningly, this person has gone for realism over 10k days.

My methods is shut up and go back to the drawing board instead of dreadful strategies like this.

If it’s only $5, I’d say you can give a try, but personally I won’t try it.
You can get thousands of views, but that does not guarantee sales.
If you want to make money online ( or anywhere) , just do your research, be good at
what you do, be professional, and don’t expect too much at first.

Thanks to much for your advice

Ok thanks you very much for your advice

Prediction: all responses from OP are “OK thanks”.