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Anyone found a safe adsense traffic source/gig? Have you got paid by adsense ? Thanks.


Don’t go this route with anything related to adsense. Its just too risky to even tackle.


Adsense is the smallest cursor in online business.

You can buy backlinks and social bookmarking signal.
But I think buying traffic is the fastest way for baned adsense


Adsense will ban your account if you pay for traffic or clicks. They’re very dangerous, sometimes a competitor will click on your ads and they will ban you for that. If you have adsense, make sure all your traffic is organic, don’t encourage people to click, and be careful of putting too many ads together. Google is really evil, you know? They have too many rules, horrible customer service, etc.


Try to trick them and they shut your butt down.
Adsense puts food on my table, so I wouldn’t even thinking about trying to trick them.


I think its illegal, Adsense will ban some fraud accounts