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Adult content (what is and isn't)

I’m aware the fiverr TOS states “no adult content” however im wondering exactly what is considered adult and were we draw the line here…

The reason i ask is I do 3d digital art prints that I wish to sell on fiverr however some, although I wouldn’t say are pornographic by any means & contain no more nudity than say a sports illustrated magazine, they could passably be taken as suggestive by some.

I personally feel they are in good taste but I’m just curious if there is a governing body i could perhaps have any submissions reviewed before i post?

What is the policy here?

If you are unsure if your art violates any TOS you should open a ticket with support and attach an image for their review. CYA. Haha.

Best of luck!

Thanks, I think I found were I can submit my content for review in customer support.

Perhaps in the future they will add some form of rating system but for now I will attempt to submit my work for review and see how it goes.