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Adult Gig Denied



I just had my gig which was to take a photo of a my chest with a message written above it denied. It had a 5 star rating and I had sold it a couple of times. I then edited the description to say that I would for $5 extra once I was level 1 do the gig topless but covering my nipples (which I had seen on another gig similar with hundreds of good ratings so assumed it was ok) then my gig was denied and I cannot edit it to make it better? I also don’t know how to contact Fiverr about this.

Please could someone help me out? Bit frustrated, for now i’m going to create the gig again but it’s such a shame to loose good ratings and I really need the money (as you can probably guess by the gig).



Maybe Fiverr is finally doing something about those types of gigs.

You can always contact Fiverr Support…


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,


your gigs are borderline so turmoil like this is to be expected. I am sure you are a talented person and probably have not found your calling yet. But trust me you can make more money selling peoples names in the sand or in rice or what ever. I personaly think that your gig is fine but fiverr will always lean towards the family friendly gigs to promote and be featured ect… so another gig might be more worth while then fighing CS

This mite be your oppertunity to find a skill you never even knew you had.

and on the bright side if erotic is what you want as a career I am sure plenty of sites will gladly buy pictures of you.

take care,