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Adult Themes and Writing Gigs for "Erotica Section"


I’d like to know if there could be an Adult Content Section for Buyers to access. This is one of my specialties and is not available as a skill or in any section besides “other” that I could find. Not every seller on this site would be interested in completing tasks in this genre but for those that do not mind this would be efficient for both parties.


“Adult oriented services” are a violation of the ToS.


I think erotica is fine…erotic writing services are fine…not sure though. Better to ask customer support.


This is posted in Suggestions. They could have a section for that, if they decided to, they could ‘corner it off’ visibly, could check for ID of those who want to sell/buy in such a section, which would mean more security for buyers and sellers generally even.


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The minimum age is 13 (for Fiverr), so I’d be careful about that. They do need to explain it clearly. But even if they say the writing is fine, making a category for it would likely cause a lot of clearly inappropriate Gigs to be attempted.


Many of the worlds best selling novels are erotic and adult, quite sure it should be included. Keeping such a genre which is loved by billions out of service isnt smart


I don’t think it’s because the people running Fiverr are morally against it or anything. It’s a legal issue.

It’s because Fiverr’s the place where anybody 13 and over can sign up, with just an email. 13’s under the age of majority pretty much everywhere, as far as I know. That means the young teens that could be on this site are still under a guardian’s care. Fiverr doesn’t want to deal with that, with good reason. Think about it: combine the subject are we’re talking about with underage, and what’s the result?