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Advanced analytics tools for sellers


Just thought of a few ideas that would really help with optimizing our gigs.

For example:

Graphs to see what days or times of the year lead to highest conversion for any given gig.

What keyword search lead to each sale.

Average order size for each respective gig.

A functional views counter (current one doesn’t seem to work).

Charts showing a correlation between our response time and repeat orders, feedbacks, etc

Repeat orders rate for each gig.

Any other ideas we could suggest?


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I agree. We need way more tools. This is a business, and having the bare minimum is no longer acceptable. Its time for fiverr to “Suit Up”!


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I would be happy with monthly report that lets me know how many times a user purchased from me.


Or at THE VERY MINIMUM a button to EXPORT our raw data (csv) like EVERY

other site on the internet! X(

WAKE UP fiverr!



The Old Fiverr had nifty little helps that are not present in the new one… For example on hovering over the gig amount, a balloon used to indicate when the amount would get credited, this is clearly missing in the v2. Another thing that’s missing is when you click on a persons handle, the old one used to tell us when was the last log in… this one clearly doesn’t :frowning: .

I would love to have the analytics upped too, but at-least get all the basic ones from the previous version to this one faster. I always keep switching between sites to check on my remittance schedule.

Someone please do something…



I think that we should also know which buyers are our return customers. THere should be an indicator as to whom bought your gig the most.