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Advanced Rating System (ARS) SHOULD BE CANCELLED!

I have been out on vacation mode when this new update rolled out. My exams which took 20 days finally finished on the 19th. I was so excited to get back because the semester-end final exams took forever to finish.

But then I realized that fiverr has rolled out a massive change. They called it the Advanced Rating System (ARS). I thought to myself “oh! This must be an effective way to identify and do something against those bogus buyers”. I did some research on the ARS and was surprised to find out so many people talking against it on the forum. So, I decided that I should dig deep and went around and asked a few of my friends who sell. I was horrified by what they were telling me.

I have to be completely honest here. I’ve lost many new orders since this update rolled out. The frequency is getting low day-by-day which gets me worried. I have mentioned a few drawbacks of the ARS below. I’d truly appreciate your thoughts regarding this.

Supports the kind of buyers who gets an order worth more than $5, done for free or for just $5

This is bad. This is really bad. Not that we’ve had this kind of buyers before. But ARS ensures that this kind of buyers increase tremendously. Which not only devastates the fiverr seller community on financial & rating terms but promotes the act of getting services done for as low as possible. We as seller put our heart and soul to earn a few bucks rightfully by working hard. This just takes all that away. Buyers threatening sellers for free work has never been so high.

Low sales

I think that this happens thanks to the ARS’s gig displaying frequency reduction on search and homepage. This is big. This is unacceptable. Since my return, I have had no new sales generating from the new buyers who find me from either the search or the homepage. All of the orders I got were either from a returning buyer or a buyer whom I’ve personally contacted through Buyer Requests.

Low accuracy in rating

We all make mistakes. That’s what makes us human. So, how can the star rating be made with a high-accuracy rate with no mistakes what-so-ever? That is impossible right? I’ve come across situations where my buyers posts a good review in words but selected the red color thumbs down button (I’m referring to the previous rating system). I mean how hard is it to differentiate between a thumbs down and a thumbs up? You tell me. What makes fiverr think that a buyer who cannot make a simple decision like that, make a ‘advanced’ decision such as rating with stars? Not only does this low accuracy cost our overall service performance but puts our entire potential sales into jeopardy.

Got some other ideas which I have not mentioned here? I’ll be glad to hear them out as comments below. If you want to do something against this menace, please keep spreading the word about your dislike and injustice. You can also post a comment to ARS’s official blog post.

Thanks for joining the discussion. Glad you found many of the other sellers in agreement.

and welcome back! Hope the examines were great.

Reply to @anarchofighter: This madness of treating the sellers like garbage ends now.

Thank you. Yes they were okay. A few were difficult but overall they were alright.

Thank you for the post. You make good points here. There will be a 1 July protest, you should read up on that post.

One loser buyer can ruin a seller. And this is good for fiverr how?

The ARS is absolutely farcical.

Reply to @mimie01: Thank you! I will be joining the July 1st protest for sure.

Reply to @misscrystal: That’s exactly the kind of thing which is currently taking place. I don’t see why the guys at Fiverr International couldn’t see this coming before they implemented the new ARSe system.

Reply to @mrproofreading: This was definitely an unnecessary move which Fiverr made causing havoc in the peaceful and simple system which we had. Of course it wasn’t perfect but it did the job and didn’t make people lose this much of dramatic sales reduction and all.

Reply to @productivesam: I agree. With the current confusion and heartache amongst sellers, I have absolutely no motivation to fulfil any orders.

Why? I don’t want to work incredibly hard for a number of hours just to be a given a three-star satisfactory rating by a buyer who doesn’t understand the concept of: 1) incredible value for money, 2) how flawed the rating system is 3) how we only receive $4 out of every order

A low rating given the above is like a huge smack around the face.

Reply to @mrproofreading: Exactly. I do voiceovers with a turnaround time of 12 hours or sooner; if a buyer were to use the conventional marketplace to hire a VO guy for a thirty second radio ad, it would cost them at least $100 and they would wait several days. I’m not saying they should accept poor quality or slow delivery simply because the price is so low, but I do wish they could understand that some of the extravagant extras and concessions they demand are, at times, unfair. It indicates that they truly don’t, as you stated, “understand the concept of…incredible value for money.”

Reply to @stop_it_man: Exactly!! i have seen this system working wonderfully on competing websites that i dont think i can name here but i’m pretty sure you already know, simply because the orders are in 100’s or dollars and the chance of getting bogus buyers giving out that amount of money is really slim,but here its just getting abused badly due to all these buyers wanting 10 designs or something for the price of one!!

Reply to @mrproofreading: This madness has to end. I actually get headaches and doesn’t have the actual energy and feeling to work on fiverr anymore. I used to have lots of it when I joined fresh. The good old days when the non-flawed thumbs up/down existed :frowning:

We must demand it back again.

Just leaving this here

Reply to @productivesam: I borrowed it from another seller who allowed me to use it so I don’t see why you can’t either… It’s for a good cause!

Reply to @productivesam: I know exactly what you mean. I’ve seen my lack of enthusiasm drop significantly since this whole STARS BS. Orders are being done right at deadline because of the stress.

I have cancelled two orders because of reasons that could come back to haunt me with the STARS rating… What Fiverr has done has made me rethink the site in general… and I’ve been here close to 4 years now… the last two years have been my busiest (this month is no exception).

But, the enthusiasm I had for completing these articles is just NOT there! I still want to give my clients the best of my abilities and I do as much as I can, but getting to them and doing them… It’s just no longer there.

In fact, I may already shut down my gigs tomorrow morning and wait until Wednesday night to open them back up. Not just the one day discussed…

Reply to @emeraldawnn: Exactly! This has caused enough problems already. BTW can I change my profile picture to yours?

:(( :open_mouth: :frowning: :expressionless: ;:wink: :smiley:

These would have been much better than ARS :slight_smile:

Or how about 5 or 10 dials with 0 to 100 on each of them?!!

Call me petty, but if a buyer rates me less than 4 stars for an excellent job (and I always do an excellent job) then I’ll cancel any further orders from them to protect my rating.

If ARSe isn’t going away then I’ll give every project the same level of quality I always do, but I won’t mess around with buyers who think 3 stars is okay.

Reply to @consultantindia: You must not fool around with fiverr. They will implement anything without hesitation :stuck_out_tongue: