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Advanced Search When Searching For Sellers

This is coming from the perspective of someone who has bought and sold on Fiverr, I can say that the search function on the site is weak. Why have all these categories for buyers to choose from, but not let them search in ONLY that category? The search function on the Fiverr forums is better than it is on the main Fiverr site. Seems like it would be very frustrating for the buyer when they can’t get more granularity on their search results, and they have 50 thousand sellers to choose from! It seems like a more granular search would also allow buyers to find sellers that really meet the niche they are looking for.

The search feature as it is was probably just fine with Fiverr had only a couple of thousand sellers. But the search function as it is now does a disservice to both the Buyers and the Sellers.

So PLEASE add an advanced search feature to the Fiverr website!


I agree. Searching and sorting options are quite limited.

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There should be option to search for seller with no.of completed orders. That would give a buyer a fair chance of sorting out sellers with more experience. It would help create a descending list that can be really helpful for any buyer. Like even when they are choosing among TRS or Level 2 it gives them one more option.

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I don’t think Fiverr would have a filter for that.

They prefer to filter you by things over which you have little control.

For example I’ve made hundreds of sales. I don’t have a level because I’m fed up the unfairness of ratings.

But the system says I’m a “New seller” despite that. Go figure!

But I get orders so I don’t care.


Yes that is where this option could help you get noted as you have more sales. There can be option to list all sellers based on completed orders and also within a level. Also there can be one more level 3 and then TRS. I feel Level 2 and TRS has a large gap so there should be some other title or level 3 to differentiate among level 2 sellers.

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Fiverr isn’t going to publicly disclose that sellers have zero sales, though. It would make them look bad.

Anyway you can sort by new sellers and see many of them having zero sales. So no that’s not a valid point.

Scrolling through, opening a gig and seeing a gig doesn’t have sales, then going back to the page and clicking on another gig and seeing it doesn’t have orders is MUCH different than a filter saying “Sellers with 0 sales: 2000”.

So yes, it is a valid point, contrary to your snark. If you can’t see the PR issue of Fiverr announcing the number of its sellers who are failures and how few are successful I can’t help you.

You don’t need to be rude when I’m just telling you why Fiverr isn’t doing something.

If you only want people to pat you on the back and you think rebuttals are evil, then do let us know.

Also, if a category filter has, say 40000 sellers and the amount of “Sellers with more than 5 sales” filter says 10, it’s going to look bad.

Then people would see that only 10 out of 40,000 sellers in that sub-category filter have made than 5 sales.

It looks very bad. Fiverr would be announcing that they attract incompetent people no one wants to buy from.

I am not rude at all. Your point doesn’t make sense when you say fiverr doesn’t publicly disclose sellers with zero sales.

I can see New arrival in logo Design in page 1 and none of the gigs have a sale. So now that doesn’t make look bad?

Whether it is PR or whatever, still sellers with no sales appear. So it is not a barrier to put a filter based on no. of sales made.

Of course it makes sense.

Any filter system of the kind you describe goes like this:


And so on.

There’s no such thing as a number filter that only shows certain amounts. It shows all amounts available.

And as I said if Fiverr shared that only say 10 sellers have sales in that section, you don’t see why that looks bad?

And that buyer would also see the number of people who are selling in that section, which in some cases could be 40,000 people.

So they’d not only be announcing how few people make sales. But they’d be announcing how low the percentage of sellers making sales is.

10/40,000 sellers in a section making sales.

You really don’t think it looks bad for Fiverr to make conspicuous how unwanted most of its sellers are?

So don’t give me your snark about my point not being valid.

Don’t get rude when someone dares to rebut you.

But yeah it’s not valid to think Fiverr doesn’t want to announce how few of its sellers are actually wanted. K.

No, not like that. Just sort by orders completed with no numbers.

Personally when I buy a service, when I see more jobs completed, it gives me a sense of security that the seller is competent as opposed to someone with no job history. So from a buyer point of view, it is good.

Buyer is not going to analyze 40000 sellers are there in this category and only 10 have made sales. No. If he wants a particular thing, he is going to click on gig and seller that appears successful to him and no of sales is a factor for that.

He won’t even care about Fiverr’s site or the rest of new sellers. He won’t even see the other sellers are unwanted. The huge number will pull him into buying that gig. He is only concerned about his requirement and service.