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Advantage of Average Selling Price

Hi, I wanted to know here what is your Average Selling Price and what for this I need? What advantage I will get if I have higher rate?

Mine Average Selling Price near $300 but didn’t get any advantage for that.


Please let me know if someone knows that

It’s just a piece of data for your own use. Fiverr doesn’t give you specific incentives for it.

Got it. Thank you for your clarification.

Hello cad_solution,

Fiverr did not tell anything about ASP but what I think is that it must have an impact on your gig.
It may be beneficial in ranking your gig, appearing your gig in searches.

Thank you!

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It depends on what your service is and your level of qualifications.

I’ll use logo design as an example.

If I were looking for a logo designer I would NEVER hire someone who charges $5, $10, $50 for a logo design.

I would expect a good quality logo to cost no less than $100.

A professional logo I would expect to be in the $500 or more range.

A logo where I would own all the rights and can use for branding (on coffee mugs, signage, t-shirts, whatever) should be closer to $1,000 or more.

When it comes to pricing there is a very simple rule, do not under-sell your products/skills.

You may not see a lot of work because of your pricing, but those who pay will be assured of quality work because the price indicates that.

Here’s what I mean: Compare a $5 watch to a $250 watch.

Which will last longer, is more reliable and has the better quality?

If you said the $5 watch, you are wrong.