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Adventuring into a New Gig Category. (Opinions, Suggesstions and Stories)

Hi there frriends, can you help me out, give me some opinions and guidance?

So I’ve been around Fiverr for a Year now, with only one Gig and it’s going very well, I’m super happy with the plataform, now I’ve just started to use the Forum and engage myself in the community, so I’ve decided to come ask for some opinions from you.

Like I’ve said, I have only a single Gig and was wondering about providing my services in another category. By now I only do Tattoo related designs, because that’s my field of expertise, I’ve been tatooing for more than a decade so I know the ins and outs of it. But I love to illustrate and create art and was wondering where do you guys think my style would work when tranlated to another category.

I was considering to try to do Album Cover Designs, because I think the Tattoo style and overall thinking would work well in some cases.
What do you guys think? Any tips or suggestions?
Maybe another area would fit my style better?

I’m want to hear you all and know some of your stories as well.

I’m looking forward to open a good discussion.
Thank you so much.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Short answer: Experiment and find out!

Longer answer:
You currently seem to be doing quite well in a rather niche area (“tattoo”, search results 2,398). While I don’t doubt that you could find some success in other categories, most of those are somewhat-to-hyper-competitive. ( “album cover” 5,758; “tshirt” 11,722; “pattern” 3,674; “illustrator” 43,379)

Sadly, the forums are not really a good conductive place for this, right now.


Never saw it like that, it really helps a lot seeing things from this perspective.

Thank you for your help, I really appreciated.
Too bad we probably won’t start a open discussion, thank you for the heads up anyway.