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Advertise (what are the possible best ways?)

how a new comer can advertise his/her gigs?what are the possible best ways?

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Hi there,

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Gigs that promise to advertise your gigs are a scam. Sorry if that offends anyone. But the fact is that they are.

Think about it this way.

If a person can promote your gig to 2 million people, to sell your gig… Why wouldn’t they just promote their own gig to 2 million people and sell their own gig.

Makes sense right?

Anyhow. To answer your question as best I can. Well. There is no secret answer. Your Fiverr gig is your business that you have to run.

That includes promoting your own gig.

Here are some suggestions.

Promote using your Facebook profile.

Promote using your E-Mail contacts.

Promote using your Twitter account.

Promote to your family.

Promote to your friends.

Everyone has some of the possible avenues I’ve written to promote to.

Like I said. There’s no secret. And Fiverr is not responsible for your gig sales. The only person responsible is you.

So get out there and Promote yourself!!!

I have had great success promoting other peoples Gigs on my Podcast.

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Why can’t someone promote a gig to 2 million people? I’ve seen your replies to this kind of threads. If you can give give about 200 likes within one day why can’t someone make a fan page of 60000, some groups, and profiles having lot of followers within 10 months? I think it is possible to do this kind of a gig. Isn’t it?

@madgeeks. Actually, my maximum is 100 likes. Thank you. And I do this because I have spent the better part of 2 years, building my own network of people who do this with me. 2 years to build a reliable network of 100 people who get compensated for liking something is a far cry from 2 million people.

But, I wasn’t bashing your gig. Read carefully what I am writing.

If you have a network that big. Why do you need to offer it to other people? Why not promote your OWN gig to them and sell your OWN gig to 2 million people? It would make more sense than offering it to a forum of a few hundred active members.

So my point is just a simple question. Why would anyone want to get you to promote them to 2 million people… when out of those 2 million people you can’t even sell your OWN gig to your OWN network?

If I had a network of 2 million people I would use it to sell my own gigs to the 2 million people. I wouldn’t offer to sell your gigs, I would sell my own… to 2 million people.

That’s my point.