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Advertise your Fiverr gig on Reddit!


I recently made a subreddit for FiverrGigs (FRAGLLESROCK). I find advertising gigs very difficult, after finding out there wasn’t a Fiverr subreddit, I created one. In theory, a fiverr gig subreddit will work wonders because while a user is browsing reddit, little $5 jobs will pop up on their feed making it easy to just go and click and find new content.

Help make this subreddit work!

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.


doing to make myself a reddit account and see it it helps, thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the channel. Added to my list. :slight_smile:


Well, this is actually kind of neat, would you mind adding my gig? Thanks very much :3


Would you mind adding mine aswell?


thank you, ill try it


Interesting… I’ll have to check it out. I’m a pretty active redditor and the /r/beermoney subreddit seems to be the place with the most action pertinent enough to Fiverr.


Actually Reddit blacklisted Fiverr and it don’t allow you to submit your gigs. This is the message: is not allowed on reddit: this domain was banned for vote cheating”


Can i shear my gig link in reddit or need to make slide or blog. What will best for drive traffic direct gig or slide / blog

Please give me solution.


First of all, you will need a sheep, and some shearers.


Can i shear direct gig link or another third party way. what method will very effective for me.



Reddit is not actually working platform for gig promotion. It’s better to create a portfolio site either in free subdomains or in a customized personal portfolio site. Then run some display advertising (google adsense) or try to get targeted visitors on Facebook and twitter by spending some penny.


Yah. True, I used it many times as well.