Advertised gigs are on the THIRD row


So I was looking up “whiteboard animation” while looking at a post for saddu_writer, I noticed the Advertised Gigs are on the third row.

Then I looked up illustrations and once again, the advertised gigs are one the third row.

I thought the purpose of AD gigs were to appear on the top row. Did that change?

I am nosey and as usual, I’m curious.


Just noticed. I can see the AD GIG’s are on 3rd row :slight_smile:


Well, it’s still on the first page, so I guess that’s a good thing. :slight_smile:


Yes :wink: It’s a smart move :sunglasses: I like it.


Since the feature hasn’t been rolled out to everybody, it’s still in the testing stage. Now is the right time for them to try them in different locations, and see how it does against the sellers who would normally be in those positions.

No matter what they do, it moves someone to a different spot, and they are smart to see how it works for the people paying -AND- how it effects those who are not paying.

It won’t surprise me if they test other locations/layouts too. This is the right time.


That does make sense.

I do not recall ever buying from anyone on the first row. I typically do not go past page three or four and buy mostly from page one or two - so I can see why they would tweak.


It has come to the first row now.


Yeah… of course. :slight_smile: