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Advertisement of gigs outside Fiverr

Hi! I just want to clarify if we are allowed to advertise our services through Fiverr outside? If yes what are its limitations? I saw that we are allowed to do so as long as the ad will direct it to my Fiverr account. But I’ve seen on some threads that those who did advertised their gigs on youtube and other platforms had their accounts banned and I don’t want that to happen. I just want to reach out to more buyers and hopefully bring them on Fiverr. Please enlighten me. Thank you for your replies in advance :slight_smile:

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Well, you shouldn’t abuse any other system to promote yourself. But normal sharing of your gigs on social media is encouraged even by Fiverr, see Promote Yourself.


I am planning to use online advertisement but a bit skeptical about it. Advertising it on my social media account is also a part of my plan but I am thinking that online ad can bring me more client…

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I have continuous problems with Facebook.

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What problems have you encountered?

It can be something else but I made a profile just only related to my services on Fiverr…and it is stuck.

Maybe you should find other platforms where you can advertise your services. Don’t worry I am sure you are not the only one encountering the same problem. I am looking for other opportunities to promote my gigs too without violating the rules. Let’s just keep on trying. We can do this!

Yeah, I guess you are right.

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WE should go towards some other strategy or forums or platforms, Agreed

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