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Advertisements in Buyer Requests


Is it only me or are there other people annoyed by people posting ads about their gigs in the buyer requests section? This is so damn annoying, those guys should get their accounts warned or banned…


Hello stormhashe ,

Yes thats true one seller is there on User Testing…He posted the gig in the Buy Request section.

I think it’s just a case of a) New Sellers not yet understanding how things work here or b) frantic Sellers who are really struggling for sales.

Either way, I wouldn’t let yourself get too worked up about it. It’s not a viable strategy, so I suspect anyone who tries advertising there won’t do it for long.

I would suggest to fiverr to add a flag option to the buyer’s request page so that these people who advertise can be warned that they are not using the forum correctly. Please LIKE my suggestion post about this topic here:

Suggestion: FLAG option for buyer requests

Yes, you’ll find spammer also in buyers requests, unbelievable!

I would also recommend to add the flag option so that people should be identified who spam.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that too.

It is a bad thing and something should be done to it but people who advertise there wont be able to do it for long.

I thought Fiverr manually reviewed each buyer request, but the number of self-promotions that slip by is strange. My own conspiracy theory is that there is no manual review, and Fiverr just delays posting the requests for several hours to make it seem as though they’re reviewing them =)