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Fiverr deletes Advertising category. Bad move for Voice Over sellers, sales.


Opponents popping in :three::two::one:


Maybe I would but I’m failing to find a bit I can relate to, one way or the other.

In other words, what is this about?


A litmus test for this “forum” if I read right.


I feel your pain. Last year an entire video category was removed and the gigs which I had in there have never recovered. Sadly, though, there is nothing you can do. :sob:


I don’t have gigs in that category, so I can’t entirely relate in a way that would agree or disagree with your main point. When it comes to Fiverr being in it for Fiverr and not for freelancers, that seems like a kind of paradox. On the one hand, yes they are in this to make money and they will do what is best for their business. It will probably be at the expensive of some sellers. I’m not comparing advertising to a negative service, but just talking about this point, but Fiverr obviously stopped allowing people to sell Amazon reviews and those freelancers were mostly doing VERY well with very easy gigs and it had to hurt a lot of them. So, I can’t entirely fault Fiverr for doing what they had to do to keep from getting sued.

Overall, though, it seems to me that Fiverr wouldn’t make money without the freelancers, so they do want as many people to make money here as possible. They just also want it to affect their bottom line in a good way. I’m not really disagreeing with you entirely and controversy/debate is fine here if it doesn’t run to chaos. That’s my one cent for now, I’m not sure it counts for two. :slight_smile:

Oh, P.S., why is it a “forum”? What do the quote marks indicate?


I cannot relate directly to the OP’s category, but I think exactly the same as you’ve written here.
From my own point of view, I am waiting for the “big cleaning day” for Graphics and Designs.
We’re all somehow waiting in line, we should do our homework though, so the blow will not take us unprepared.


What gigs did the advertising category have, and where did they go? I’m completely ignorant on the topic but curious what gigs were affected.


Voiceover is now under the Music/Audio category. Just like Business Copywriting is under Writing & Translation.
Fiverr has 8 categories, that’s enough. More categories will confuse buyers and sellers.

As for your other accusations, I disagree. Fiverr lets me do what I want, how I want, for whatever price I want. The offline world is a lot crueler. Honestly, if your problem is that you’re not making enough money on Fiverr, then you either need to create more gigs (not related to voice over or radio) or find a full-time job somewhere else.

Or you can spend $500 on a brand new website, then pay $10 a month, then set up PayPal, then advertise that website, then build your SEO, then hope to get traffic, and then keep 80% of your earnings since the rest will be used to pay for all that stuff. Or you can be happy Fiverr does that for you, for free, and only takes 20% when you make money.


Advertising is the biggest driver of revenue online. VOICEOVER under Music/Audio is misleading and a disservice to all talent who offer it.


Oh, well I guess I do have a gig that was affected then.
I feel like voiceovers fit better under the audio category than advertising anyway.


Copywriting, Art Direction, Graphic Design, also fall under advertising. VO may or may not be advertising. Those Audible books are produced by VO artists, they are not advertising. Not every VO is 30 to 60 seconds after all.

My point is it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is whether people find your gig or not. Sometimes I can’t find my gig for radio commercials when I search for it. Sometimes I can.