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Advertising category (closing and redistribution)

We wanted to let you know that effective today, we are closing the Advertising category.

But not to fear! If your Gigs fell under this category, we redistributed them to a more optimal place on the Fiverr marketplace. For example, Music Promotion will now live within the Digital Marketing category, and those adorable Pet Models will head over to the Fun & Lifestyle/Your Message On subcategory. We’re also adding a new subcategory to the mix, Flyer Distribution, which will live within the Business category. Any design Gigs that were within Flyers & Handouts, Banner Advertising, or other subcategories will move to the appropriate areas in the Graphics & Design category.

While there will no longer be an Advertising category, your Gig is likely to receive more traffic when migrated to more relevant subcategories.

Our goal for these updates is to make it easier than ever to browse and buy on Fiverr - which helps sellers like you grow your business and earn more.

You do not need to take any action, just keep being the incredible seller you are, and watch the sales roll in.

Please post any questions below in comments.


Hi, thank you for the note. Is there a possibility to put the music related services like “Music Promotion” and “Radio” under the “Music and Audio” category??? Because Music Promotion and Radio are not just digital marketing. And please if you can separate the music promotion services such as radio, labels, clubs, and DJs services from the Social Media services such as Soundcloud and youtube plays and Facebook and Twitter services, that will be perfect… Thank you :slight_smile:


I kind of like this idea and actually can’t wait to see how it plays out for us sellers. Hopefully we’ll be given a poll in a few months or survey asking us to rate how it’s been with this new face lift.

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I’m unsure about this but let see how it plays out. I get that the demographic of fiverr has recently changed which is reflected in fivers marketing decisions most likely due to an influx of a certain demographic audience from a certain Youtuber haha. Just not sure how i feel about previous services being under Advertisement are now under Fun & Bizarre / Your Message On. The Sub-catagory is okay just that first one i don’t feel great about haha I don’t feel that the people who will be looking at Fun & Bizarre services are the same sort of people that were looking in the Advertisement Categories previously but hey if Fiverr algorithms suggest otherwise then so be it :wink:

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what will be the sub category for music promotion


Did we just get a pep talk from our community manager :raised_hands:???


Any information on when will we have the “Promoted Gigs” feature in the Digital Marketing category? It’s been so long since the announcement.

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Why are there no buyer requests in music promotion anymore yesterday there were 1000’s

Hope we get more sales with all these changes :slight_smile:

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When these all gig placement test is over. I am almost not getting orders these days.

this is very good news for sellers , thank you for the note.

Will we have sub category (Book Promotion) under Digital Marketing? Please do add this sub-category under this category Digital Marketing!!! Thanks!

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I was a gig on fiverr with 36 feedback but some days ago I’ve seen my is not stay in 1st page that’s why I’ve update some description, Image etc than fiverr denied my gig than after some days i’ve read fiverr notice for gig search engine technical issue.
I’ve hope you understood my problem. It was a mistake. Is there any chance to get back my gig?
Thanks in Advance

My Opinion

I think Fiverr has taken the realistic decision. In this case, the group will get more benefit. Long Road ~ To Go… >

Yes, all we are optimistic!!

Oh No, Excellent :slight_smile:

Great step from Fiverr side :+1:

What news about “AD” section in all gig category with this big fiverr search update?

we are waiting for the sub category of music promotion we are willing to see new changes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note.