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Advertising fiverr with adwords?


i want to know if it is ok to advertise my twitter backgroud design service on adwords?

will it be accepted? is there a better way to advertise on adword? I’ll appreciate your response. thanks


I’m not sure if its allowed, but I think it would be better to create a sales page for your gig first, and promote that. For instance, what if you promote your direct gig link via adwords, and you get 50 clicks. People may look at your gig, but they’ll have to sign up first. Which takes them away from your gig’s page. After they sign up, they may not remember your username. They’ll either keep hitting the “back” button to go back to your gig, get distracted by another gig, or use the search box and order your competitor’s gig instead. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:



hmm. i think blog promoting is better. take my gig as an example

this will boost ur gig traffic a lot. all i ask for is could u pls do a free gig of yours for me to review? this is mutual benefit