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Advertising Gig Internally To Fiverr Members

IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADVERTISE MY GIG TO OTHER FIVERR MEMBERS? Hello everyone and hope you can please assist? I have written a fantastic list of more than 3000 Real Estate Words and Phrases for Estate Agents/Realtors. Is it possible that I can advertise my gig internally to other relevant Fiverr members by sending them messages promoting my gig? Is this allowed? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Busybeebee

It’s spam. Just like this post. Don’t do it. You’ll get banned, and then what are you going to do with your prize word list?

Put your gig in My Fiverr Gigs on the forum. Do not send out spam or your messages will be disabled.

I’ve moved this to My Fiverr Gigs as really this is a promotion disguised as a question about launching a promotion.

In either case, no, marketing your services to internal Fiverr users is not allowed and even if it was would not benefit you. Sellers are here to sell and buyers come here already knowing what they need. All any kind of attempt at internal direct marketing does is irritate both sellers and buyers. In this case, focus on advertising your service outside of Fiverr in order to funnel traffic from interested parties to your gigs. This is how everyone goes about things and you could be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for your feedback with regards to Advertising Gigs Internally. I have taken note and understand the rule clearly now. Wishing you all lots of success!!!