Advertising/marketing for fiverr gig from fiverr sellers


Hi there guys,

I was just thinking,has anyone here bought advertising services on fiverr?I would be interested in some,maybe,targeted marketing and advertising for my gigs and page,and I’m wondering if the services on here truly work.
I see lots of advertisers on fiverr,but I don’t really know what to chose and what might work in,of course,bringing some results too.

Thank you very much and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.


I tried few, but didn’t work for me.


That’s what I was afraid unfortunately,maybe someone else tried it and brought some results for them.
Also,what other services for some targeted advertising would you recommend,if there are any that might work for a fiverr gig.Also if possible in a budget,since it would be quite counter productive to spend lots of money on marketing and it bringing back less than you even invested in it in the first place.