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Advertising on Social Media

I made a twitter account for my fiverr page, and I have made some tweets about my gigs, but how should I advertise more? Are there any ways to join groups or anything? Should I start going to other social medias?


Trying to figure this out too. It seems to be a $1000000 question. Everyone tells you to do it but very little on how. Search landing pages


Ive went to instagram and I might try start on facebook, even though Im not sure how to use it. Just stuck on what I should do on social media to get followers and attention to my fiverr.

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Here is the reality. It’s not as effective as you think. Your supposed to build trust on Twitter lots of k######g a## then slipping your gig in there once in a while. But this takes months of building up your visability

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Alright, I’ll keep it in mind

I see you’re passionate about Fortnite. Why not create a Facebook or twitter account about it? Or both? Then share relevant Fortnite content, participate in discussions, maybe create a Fortnite Facebook group (which is not the same as a page).

That’s an easier way to get followers than if you just create YourName Account. Nobody’s searching for your name, but people are searching for fortnite.

By the way, what is Discord? I saw you had a gig about that.

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Thanks for the tips.

If you have heard of teamspeak, its like that. Or skype.

Its an app that you can use to chat with people from around the world just through text channels, but you can also use voice chats to actually talk with people. When I say I can set you up a “Discord” it means I can make one of these text channels. It is normally easy, but it can be hard to make it look good.

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Thanks for explaining. I think you have found a niche with multiplayer games, although I might create a gig or two about single-player. Not everyone likes multiplayer.

A new Fallout game is coming soon, and it’s gonna be multiplayer. If you play it and like it, maybe you can create a gig about it.

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Thank you so much for the tip!

I think you are right, I know a lot of people who would like to have coaching or just someone to play with on multiplayer games, especially the new fallout game. I’ll keep an eye out for other multiplayer games I can make a gig on to.

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