Advertising on Tumblr blog to over 24,000 followers for over a month!


Hey guys :slight_smile: I’ve joined fiverr recently and I just wanted to introduce my various advertising gigs, which I run on my tumblr blog which has over 24,000 active followers! I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now, and my tumblr audience is the largest (that I’ve seen so far!) offered on

I have several advertising gigs which bring in loads of clicks a views which if you could check out, would be lovely :slight_smile:

In this gig, I’ll post your advert (image, link, article etc) to 24,000+ followers, this is PERMANENT:

In this gig, your ad stays at the top of my blog for a WHOLE MONTH

Another advertising gig you may like is if you have a link to promote, your link goes onto my actual sidebar menu!

Another one of my advertising gigs offers you a limited space to place a LARGE banner ad!

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