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Hello!, I’m new to fiverr & wanted to advertise my gig, but before that I confirm which platforms I can advertise my gig on.


Welcome to Fiverr!!
Share gig on social media

Edit: Post Withdrawn as I found it unhelpful!!!

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Alright!, Tysm for the answers!

Why would you share your links in a comment to a YouTube video? That makes absolutely zero sense. No one wants to see a link to your Fiverr gig on YouTube. It is 100% spam.

I don’t think people on the other platforms want to see your links either. Especially not on Quora.

And, since you are willing to spam your gigs on YouTube, I don’t trust that you are posting your links on Facebook and Twitter in a thoughtful and organic way.

To the OP: Study effective marketing techniques and apply them directly to your gigs on Fiverr. Far more worthwhile than spamming on social media.


i agree with you vibronx

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Thanks @vibronx, for guiding me…

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