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Advertising-the function for Gig has disappeared?

Where did the opportunity to advertise your gig disappear? I have a gig that I want to advertise-it meets the parameters - more than 25 reviews and a good rating.

but there is no advertise options on it. Or is it somewhere to look for in a different place than all gigs are edited?

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It’s on the dashboard for users who have the option (you should be notified if you get the option, eg. through email), though you normally have to be level 2 to have it or close to level 2.

It doesn’t always work though anyway (eg. it seems to have stopped promoting for a few people even though they’ve set it to promote).

I don’t remember the requirements for the second level.

They’re shown on the analytics page or this page:

edit: Also the promotion help page says your gig needs to have at least 30 reviews not >25 (though it let me promote one of mine for a while even though it only had 11 reviews - it still lets me but doesn’t actually do it).

This is the gig promotion help page that gives the requirements (it says “You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated seller” there - though one person who’s level 1 but close to level 2 got the promotion feature):

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everything is very blurry)))

Where is it blurry? You mean confusing?

i understand. I already figured it out.

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