Advertising through private messages is ok?


I don’t know whether this happened to you or not, but every once in a while, I get a private message from someone (not someone particularly; different people) wanting me to buy their gig or visit their website.

Do you find it proper for Fiverr sellers to shove their product down your throat like that? It really annoys me. I always advise them to advertise on external sites and leave Fiverr people be, because it’s rude. If we want to buy something, we look for it and get it from the person we find best suited for the job.

Also, I never click on their links, I really don’t want any viruses so they’re just wasting their time AND the way they’re ‘selling it’ just smells fishy to me. I got a “its real.i ve checked” message. Even if the link he sent me takes me to a Fiverr gig, the way he presented it makes it untrustworthy from the start.

And if they are new Fiverr sellers who just aren’t sure of what they’re doing yet, I give them a friendly advice of just optimizing their gig descriptions as best as possible, advertise on external sites and just answer to ‘Request Gigs’ if they can fulfill the requests and they want to start as soon as possible.

Does any of you feel the same/differently about this subject or am I just getting old & cranky? :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I never reported anyone myself yet and as I stated above, if it’s just a new seller who doesn’t really know how things work in here yet, I just give them some friendly advice.

But we’re in the ranting pot, so I thought I could complain a bit ;)), because they do bother me and I wasn’t sure whether I was the only one considering it “improper” behavior.


No it could be considered spam. if you find the message inappropriate then I would for sure click on the report button in the message and alert Fiverr of the Sellers antics. Contact info such as a website is a definite no no and should be always reported.

If you have done business with the seller in the past then i’d just exercise my discretion if it might be something I were interested in. But flat out spam is just a no in my book




Thank you, Wayne. Next time I get a website link I will report them. Now I’m just unsure about new Fiverr sellers (whom I have never worked with) that advertise their gig through messages.

I mean, sure, I want to have as many sales as possible too, but I really don’t think that bothering other Fiverr users with “Hey, please check out my gig, it’s really good quality for just $5, tell your friends.” is the way to do it. I wouldn’t report them, but it’s still annoying.




Reply to @madmoo: I completely agree.


If they are writing you a genuine message about why YOU should be interested in their gig, then I think it’s ok. But if they are just sending out a general message like “buy my gig” then I’d tell them to please not send you anymore spam. I wouldn’t report as long as they don’t continue. If you start getting bombarded with spam, that’s another story.


I also get emails like that from sellers and while I do not do that to just any Fiverr member, I do send emails about my gigs to my previous buyers who have given me positive feedback. I figure if they like one of my gig services, they may like another and since I am already their seller, I have their rapport.

BUT, I never email Fiverr members who were never my buyers in the past.



Reply to @alexgreene: Yes, I agree. The thing is, I never once got a message about why I should be interested in their gig. I just get spam, they are trying to gather buyers without even checking whether or not whoever they’re messaging might have the slightest interest in what they offer.

If they’re newbies, I kindly assist them and tell them why sending such messages is not highly appreciated and I tell them to advertise on other sites. From tens of such messages, I managed to get one “Thank you” so far, so I’m happy. :smiley:

Plus, the ones I’m really annoyed with are those who give me links to other sites.


Reply to @hotwebideas: That makes sense. I also had a period when I had a lot of things to do and I paused my gigs and the first thing I did once I was back was messaging my repeat buyers, since I knew they might be interested in continuing our collaboration.

But that is a completely different thing. Nice to meet you, Bruce. I’m Carla. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answers, everyone! It’s always a pleasure sharing experiences with you and learning how everyone sees things. :slight_smile:


Did you ever request any thing on buyers shout box? Just remove your request after work done. Then they can’t send you msg’s any more


Reply to @cybercube: No, I haven’t. I’m a seller. I only bought one thing in here, on Fiverr and I didn’t request it on the buyers’ shout box. I knew what I needed and I knew which seller I wanted to buy it from and that’s what I did. :smiley:

So no, your scenario does not apply to my issue. But it’s fine, I just wanted to know general opinion on the matter. :slight_smile:


Reply to @arnevb: Good to know I’m not the only one who finds this kind of behavior inappropriate. But I’ve never got spam from a Super Seller. One would think that common sense and experience on Fiverr would make them change their ways of promoting their gigs.

carlaism said: But that is a completely different thing. Nice to meet you, Bruce. I'm Carla.

Hey Carla, nice to meet you too. Keep up the good work.


I think anytime someone sends you an unsolicited email or message anywhere that as a consumer and participant in any website or forum you have the right to report it as spam whether the person is a newbie or had super duper behind their name. I think people should introduce themselves first and develop a business relationship before getting in someones face with questionable sales tactics… re


Reply to @arnevb: On a funny note, I’ve seen “psychics” (taking into consideration the message, I’m guessing it’s someone who does that) do that in movies too; maybe it’s their trademarked technique of getting sales on and out of Fiverr. I mean, they already know what you need, right? :))


Reply to @tn5rr2012:

Just like @hotwebideas said, I agree with this kind of message:

hotwebideas said: I do send emails about my gigs to my previous buyers who have given me positive feedback. I figure if they like one of my gig services, they may like another and since I am already their seller, I have their rapport.

But in this scenario, you have already done business with the person you're messaging and built a good relationship with them and you know they might really be interested in a new feature or gig you are offering. So that's more like catching up than intruding(like most spammers are).

carlaism said: So that's more like catching up than intruding(like most spammers are).

Thanks, Carla, although I did read someone's message on this forum where they tried that and their messaging privileges were removed, but I am not sure if he was contacting a new buyer or a past one. LOL


I don’t know if this is bad as I did message my previous satisfied buyers like once a month to ask if they still need the service. There are too many gigs on Fiverr and waiting for the new orders to come naturally is not easy. I think it’s good to be able to contact your previous customers to keep them coming back. I never bother those who I never had any business with previously.

Otherwise, I just promote them on the forums, social networks and my own websites.


I personally don’t like spam. I could have done business with a seller before, but I still rather not receive a message telling me to check out their new gig. At least ask me how I’m doing and how’s my [whatever I ordered] working for me. Act like you care at least, instead of focusing on making another buck. I hate spam, period. I don’t contact past buyers (I also heard of someone getting their level stripped and their messaging feature disabled.) A few of my customers check out my gigs often anyway cuz I’ve gotta messages from past buyers regarding a new gig, and updates to an old one. If they need anything, they know how to reach me. When you build trust with buyers, they’ll come back anyway. Messaging past customers can generate repeat sales, but you should go about things in a certain way. If you’ve had over 100 completed orders, it would be tedious to contact them all, especially on fiverr’s messaging system. Also, when you send a certain amount of messages (I assume quickly or copied & pasted), you get a spam warning and have to prove you’re human and not a bot. i