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Advertising your gig(s) outside the Fiverr platform

I always keep a watch on Fiverr TOS. I am not referring to Fiverr Community Rules, but I am referring to Fiverr TOS related to gigs, etc.
And also bear in mind, I am NOT referring to promoting gigs on social media. I am aware of the option to promote your gig through your LinkedIn, etc. etc profiles. My concern does not relate to that part of promoting.
Upto a few days ago, in TOS, it was stated that it is not permitted to advertise a gig outside the Fiverr platform.
But, today, I see there is a change. It says “Sellers advertising their Gig online must comply with laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant website used to advertise”. See screenshot.
So, this does mean that a seller can use any online platform to advertise his or her gigs, PROVIDED 1 thing : " must comply with laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant website used to advertise" ?
Clarity is needed on this. Any Fiverr Customer Support person, please shed some light. I am contacting Fiverr Support as well.
Because if the above mentioned change is true in reality, then all I can say is people like me can make many sellers happy (obviously through our Fiverr platform and 100% within TOS) and 100% within TOS of advertising platform(s), as well. And Fiverr too, obviously will benefit.

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I hope so. I would love to run ads for my gig on Facebook and Instagram. Although Fiverr does advertise in my Facebook feed for gigs I have looked at so they are helping us sellers out somewhat.

As sellers we’ve already had the ability to advertise our gigs outside Fiverr, with the exception of using Adwords.

I think what this clause does is reinforce that we have to stick to the rules of whichever platform we might use to advertise or our gigs and accounts may be at risk. In other words, if anything goes horribly wrong, it’s our neck on the line and not Fiverr’s.


Thank you for your response. After which I went back to TOS and used Ctrl + F (Adwords) and saw it under a different section within the TOS, that “Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform”.
Fair enough.
What about other platforms.
Let us say I have a friend who owns and operates a website in the fashion and beauty niche and another friend has a website in some other nice niche and his website has great Alexa rankings, high PR, etc and 5 million impressions (not visits, because we are talking about advertising right now) a month and he is perfectly fine with me placing ads on his website, then can I place ads related to my Fiverr gig(s) there ?
I assume, based on Fiverr TOS, yes I can, because

  1. It is completely unrelated to Adwords
  2. I am within his website’s TOS
    Any other requirements or compliance ?

So long as you comply with everything you’ve described you’re good to go! :sunny:

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That sounds so nice. I will get it clarified also from Fiverr Support and then I have a formula to spin some magic for our sellers (will get all that clarified with Fiverr Support as well). All magic will be within all TOS, for sure.
Hey, not magic, just kidding. Just usual stuff.

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Just received a reply from Fiverr support : “You are welcome to advertise the Gig if It will comply with laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant website used to advertise.”
And ofcourse, I guess, with the exception of Adwords platform.
That is great, because I know some great high quality (reputable, high Alexa ranked) websites where a Fiverr gig can be advertised to a highly targeted niche specific audience.
And Fiverr support has confirmed also that I (or anyone) can create a Fiverr gig to advertise a Fiverr gig.
The above is not explicitly what I intend to do or not do.
I am posting it for the overall benefit of the Fiverr community. It is nice to know what the possibilities are and it may benefit someone in some way, some day. I have the unstoppable habit of sharing useful and correct information

You might also find the Fiverr Anywhere approach useful when advertising on other sites.
Easy for the site owner to add to the site and easy for the client to see what they are getting.

Exactly, Fiverr now has awesome linking options for this. We just need to ensure that we are going for high quality portals with good Alexa rankings, good PR ranking, targeted niche specific audiences, etc in order to get the desired results. It’s awesome. Thank you.