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Advice about my profile


Hi, I’m here from November but I’ve not received an order yet. I’d like to know what you think about my gig and my description. I’d like to receive advices about it. I don’t know if the problem is the idea, the gig, the description or other. I don’t know if it is too early for some order but I would be happy if you left a comment or advice about it. Thank you


Can you share a snapshot of your analytics data?
(impressions, clicks, graph for the past 30 days etc)

Based on how many similar gigs there I’d say there isn’t much traffic for it.
And the second problem is the way you provide the service (messages).
Last but not least, you don’t seem to have a proven track record in this field. Do you have any type of education or experience in this field?

I get that your approach is ‘friend to talk to’, but how many customers come to Fiverr to find friends to chat?
Is it the right platform for this?


Two days ago I deleted my gig, I changed something and I created a similar one… I think that I can send only data about this gig, right?


Yes, analytics is per gig


I’d like to talk to people in other way but I’m Italian and I can’t understand immediately everything through a call for example…
Actually no, but I saw the category “relationship advice” and I thought about creating this gig


Have you done your market research?
Do you know if Fiverr is even the best platform for this type of service? Have you checked other options?

When I look at your category then it seems that most successful sellers offer some type of relationship advice.
Your gig seems to be slightly broader. You might need to narrow it down.

For example, your gig title is " I Will Be A Friend With Whom You Can Talk About Your Problems".
What would be the keywords that people use to find your gig?

I can imagine people searching for “relationship advice” or “relationship problems”.
What would buyer type in to look for your gig and how likely it is that they will type it in?

I think your gig is better than it was before, but you should probably take a step back and figure out what exactly are you offering and if you’re in the right place.


Ok, you’re right. Thank you very much. I’ll try to improve it. :blush:


This title is better?


OK, so what are the keywords buyers type in the search so that your gigs pops up?

For example, there’s a gig in your category called " I Will Give You Relationship Advice"
You can instantly see that the keywords here are “relationship advice”. If you do a search with it then that gig comes up. It might not be the first in the list and I don’t know how much traffic it gets, but it will show up.

What keyword combination would surface your gig?


‘Advice’ should be the keyword. Should I be more precise? I insert tags when I created gig, what are they for? I


Advice is an extremely broad keyword. This will make it extremely competitive, and even if you ranked for it, you would drive a lot of irrelevant traffic to your gig.

My understanding is you’re offering personal advice. What if I’m not looking for personal advice, but am instead looking for advice on Search Engine Optimization? Or advice on stocks and shares? Or advice on how to better position my branding?

I think as @uxreview suggested, you would be better off thinking about the ‘long tail’ keywords that best describe your gig, and optimising your gigs accordingly.


True… Sooner or later I’ll put a good title. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Check out: for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr.


Thank you very much :muscle: